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Features-Plus Makes Your PC Study Bible More Powerful and Convenient

In advance of the next Biblesoft major version upgrade, our Features-Plus add-on brings you a combination of upgraded program capabilities and new, highly-useful content. Features-Plus delivers the program enhancements and additional content that will power-up your PC Study Bible study experience while making it much more enjoyable. Please take a few minutes to view the video tour on this page, and take advantage of our introductory offer on Features-Plus.

For a limited time, receive Features-Plus FREE with any library, upgrade or minimum add-on purchase of $14.95.

To purchase, click "Buy Now!" to add Features-Plus to your shopping cart, then add the library, upgrade or add-on of your choice. Use coupon code F-P0412 at checkout.

  • The Features-Plus add-on is also available separately for $24.95.

New Features Tour

  • Pop-up previews are now available on any tagged Scripture verse, topic or Strong’s link. Double click on any previewed Scripture or topic to open it in its own viewing pane

  • Dynamic Harmony of the Gospels, Kings and Chronicles
    • Here's how it works
      • Select Bibles from the top menu
      • Open to a verse or passage range
      • Click the check box "Parallel"
      • Click the Open button
    • Alternate Method
      • Open to a verse or passage range
      • Click the "Indicate parallel pasages" button on the lower toolbar
      • Click the parallel pasage icon in verse or passage on screen

  • Highlighting on Bibles and reference works throughout the program
    • Here's how it works
      • Open to any Bible or content pane
      • Select the word, phrase or passage you want to highlight
      • Right click on the passage and select "Highlighting" from the drop-down menu
      • To change highlight, click on the highlighted item, return to the highlighting menu and select "Change Highlight"
      • To remove highlight, click on the highlighted item, return to the highlighting menu and select "Remove Highlight"

New Content

  • Power search English words with the Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language; 1913 Classic Edition
    • Here's how it works
      • Right-click and English word in a Bible or reference work and select "More information on 'word selected'", to get a Webster's Dictionary definition in a Word Infomation Pop-up window.
      • To see the word selected in its own right pane, go to the Topics menu, select the word out of Webster's Dictionary (A-L) or (M-Z).

  • Embedded Strong’s numbers for New American Standard Bible and King James Version
    • Here's how it works
      • Open to NASU or KJV (with Strong's Numbers)
      • Hovering over Strong's tagged words will trigger a pop-up with the Strong's definition.
      • Double-clicking on the previously highlighted word will open the Strong's definition in the right-hand pane

  • Textus Receptus Interlinear with gloss, pronunciation and parsing*

*Some features require pre-installed Greek Morphological Search add-on

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