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Using the Biblesoft NA27 Greek Morphological Search Add-on

The NA27 Greek Morphological Search add-on is an exclusive product developed by Biblesoft for PC Study Bible version 5 users. This add-on will work with any Version 5 program. To purchase this add-on, you must log in here, and look for the NA27 Morphological ad on the right side of the page.

If you are already logged in you can click the Buy Now! button to the right.

Capabilities of the NA27 Greek Morphological Search add-on

Starting a search is easy. Just open the NA27 in a Bible pane or interlinear window. To initiate a search:

  1. Mouse-over any NA27 word to display the hover box which will display a:
    • gloss (summary definition)
    • Greek audio pronunciation (for the lexical form of the word)
    • parsing information
  2. Right click on any NA27 word to generate a dialog box which will give options for a:
    • lemma search for the selected word
    • form search for the word
    • custom morphological search with user-selected lemma plus parsing options search
    • You will also see an option for more information on the word. Selecting this option will open the word information pop-up currently accessed from the SmartView pane at the bottom of the left-hand column.

What’s so special about Biblesoft’s NA27 Greek Morphological Search?

No matter what your level of Greek knowledge, using the Greek Morphological Search will help you understand the origin of the word you are studying and how it is used in other passages.

Mouse-over Hover
If you are well-versed in Greek, the hover function, which has a control key on/off option, can be used whenever you need a quick gloss definition, parsing or even a pronunciation prompt. If you are learning Greek by using the NA27 in the interlinear, you have the same hover option to add depth of understanding and pronunciation power as you read through the text.

Search Options
Regardless of how you access the NA27, a right click on any Greek word will trigger a dialog box ready to guide you to a productive search. You have your choice of a form search to find the exact matches for the word you’re researching, or a lemma search to find all the occurrences, regardless of parsing form.

Search Options
(click to view larger)

Right clicking a Greek word from the NA27 will generate the dialog box pictured above.  Options allow fast point-and-click form and lemma searches, a user-defined morphological search, or more information pop-up which includes parsing, lexical pronunciation and LXX information.

Form Search Results

Form Search Results
(click to view larger)

A form search on the word agape returns 33 matches in 33 verses in the NA27 for the exact parsing as found in Colossians 1:4.

Lemma Search Results

Lemma Search Results
(click to view larger)

A lemma search on the word agape returns 116 matches in 106 verses in the NA27 for all forms of the word with any parsing. For the first entry (Matthew 24:12) the NA27 text is displayed in the near right Bible pane, and a second Bible pane (far right, for an English translation) which can be added using the plus sign “Add version pane” button on the lower toolbar.

Custom Morphological Search
To hone in on alternate uses of any NA27 word, use the custom morphological search box. This search tool is revolutionary in that it guides you in selecting searches which will always return search matches from the NA27.

Here’s how it works. Right click a NA27 word and select “Greek Morphological Search, NA27.” The selection box which appears will allow you to effortlessly construct morphological searches that will return useful results.

To start a custom search, click “lemma” on the top right. You now have a Greek root word on which to add your parsing specification. Click in the lower box which displays blue, black and gray color text for different parsing options.

  • Blue text signifies the current parsing selection for each category.
  • Black text is used designate potential parsing options which will return NA27 match results for alternate parsings.
  • Gray text designates a parsing option which will not return an alternate parsing match in the NA27.
  • Red text designates that a previously gray parsing option is selected. In other words a gray text selection was clicked and as a result turned to red.

Morph Search
(click to view larger)

The custom morphological search shown above is for the word akoúsantes, which in this context is translated as “since we heard of.” By opening a custom search on the different forms for the word akouo “to hear, listen, understand” you are presented with easy-to-navigate options to find all occurances of your alternate parsing selection.         

Other Greek Words
(click to view larger)

By clicking the down arrow on akoúsantes, PC Study Bible shows you all of the other Greek words that share the same parsing in the NA27.  If you are searching for words that share the same tense, mood, voice and/or case, this is an easy way to identify those words for further study.

It’s truly searching and studying smarter, whether you’re a Greek scholar or just a beginner.

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