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Already own an older version of PC Study Bible?

You may be eligible for an upgrade to PC Study Bible Version 5. Follow these instructions to find content and pricing for library upgrades based on the library you now own. You can also request a program-only upgrade that will upgrade your program's engine and previous version add-ons, as well as enable you to use all new Version 5 add-ons. Note all current PC Study Bibleadd-ons are compatible only with Version 5. Please do not attempt to install a Version 5 add-on over any previous version 2, 3, or 4 program.

Simply click on the New! tab and login to see all current upgrade offers for your library.

This will take you to our preferred customer page that shows the newest add-ons. If you are not logged into the site you will be prompted to log in (see image below).

After you login, you will notice upgrade offers on the lower portion of the left-hand column in which you just entered your log-in information. These prices reflect your upgrade price based on the library you now own and any current discounts applied to your upgrade (see image below).

Click on the Upgrade Info banner to learn more about each of your library options, and then on the box picture of the library upgrade you wish to purchase.

Don't know your login information - or can't login?

If you experience any trouble logging in, read this FAQ that explains how to log in.

Still can't login? Contact the webmaster. If you know your customer number be sure to include that in the form.

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