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This page lists the updates available for PC Study Bible Version 5 and 4. We no longer support older versions of PC Study Bible.

To download an program update, click on it's name, or the information icon below. That will take you directly to the store page for that product. Add the update to your cart, then go through checkout (you will not have to add payment information as the updates are free). Once we have approved your order, you will be sent a confirmation email and you will be able to download the update.

Special Note on 5.0F: For the next several weeks we will be including 5.0F Update DVDs with all new orders going to registered Version 5 users. This update is also available as a single item. Please click the "Get" icon below and then the Update DVD/CD link you will see (in blue) on the next page. Due to a number of data files not included in the download-only edition, because of their large size, we recommend that you obtain and install the 5.0F update on DVD or 3-CDs to ensure best Version 5 program performance. 
Version 5
Version 5.0F Program Update Updates any PC Study Bible version 5.0 or later.

Version 4
Version 4.3C Program Update Updates any PC Study Bible version 4.0 or later.
Authoring System Update This version of the Biblesoft Authoring System is only compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4.0 or higher. Reference works created with this version will only be usable under PCSB Version 4 and above.
Internet Explorer 7 Compatability Patch In order for this patch to work correctly, you must have installed PC Study Bible Version 4.3c or above. Do not use this patch with PC Study Bible Version 5 as the fixes are already included in that version. If you're not sure which version you own, open your PC Study Bible, then click Help > About on the top menu.

Other Updates
Hope for the Heart Update Updates any Hope for the Heart version of PC Study Bible.

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