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Five Reasons to Invite a Regional Representative to Your Church

  1. Help evaluate what PCSB library is right for you and your staff.
  2. Partner with your church to help ignite a greater passion for Bible study.
  3. Provide free training seminars to your staff and congregation.
  4. Help set up a site license for your church.
  5. Provide personal assistance with program installation.

Biblesoft Regional Representative

Alonzo S. Wagner
Seattle, WA
(206) 409-2132 

Meet Alonzo S. Wagner

Alonzo S. Wagner, III has been a minister for over 25 years, shepherding, preaching and ministering in the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa.  He has been the keynote speaker for international conferences, camp-meetings and convocations in various ecumenical settings.  He believes, "the pre-eminent purpose and divine mandate for Biblical preaching and teaching, is to prepare lives for eternity." He completed his undergraduate work in Religion at Oakwood College and postgraduate studies at Memphis Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, WA. 

During his ministry, Alonzo has utilized PC Study Bible in the preparation of sermons, Bible Study presentations, family life seminars and ministerial workshops. He states, “not only has PC Study Bible been invaluable to me in my sermon preparation, but it has been invaluable in saving time, and providing rich historical and contextual information which enables me to see the world through the lens of the text and translate it into the language of the contemporary. It has also provided biblically based principles, prophetic insights and invaluable materials which has created in the heart of the listener a desire for more..."

Alonzo Wagner is gregarious, witty and has a passion to share the empowering, transformative power of Bible Study.  As a Biblesoft Regional Representative, he is available to answer your questions. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to learn more about Biblesoft’s PC Study Bible technology, please feel free to invite Alonzo, who will be more than happy to host an informative and appealing PC Study Bible Technology and Bible StudyWorkshop, at no charge for your church or organization. He can be contacted at (206) 409-2132 or email aswagner.biblesoft@gmail.com.

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