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Five Reasons to Invite a Regional Representative to Your Church

  1. Help evaluate what PCSB library is right for you and your staff.
  2. Partner with your church to help ignite a greater passion for Bible study.
  3. Provide free training seminars to your staff and congregation.
  4. Help set up a site license for your church.
  5. Provide personal assistance with program installation.

Biblesoft Regional Representative

Gene C. Dahler
Lake Forest, CA
949-230-4504 (Phone)
845-350-9318 (Fax)

Meet Gene Dahler

Gene Dahler is a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He is an engineering professional who has held positions up to director-level in field engineering, instruction, sales and marketing, and cost management – most of the time in the computer industry.  Gene’s past employers include McDonnell Aircraft, Honeywell, Schlumberger, Westinghouse, MODCOMP and General Electric where he was involved in numerous NASA, DOD, AEC and industrial projects.

Spiritually, Gene was a secular anti-Christian, a humanist/evolutionist, and a hard-core skeptic (once introduced as an ex-world-class skeptic). That was until 1982, when God used a TV evangelist to start Gene seriously researching the claims of Christ. Says Gene, “In 1986, there was a message that turned my life around and started me on a search for the Truth.” Gene started to teach Bible studies in 1992, and currently leads a group of Bible teachers known as Verse-by-Verse Bible Studies (VbVBS) – a ministry with over 2,500 attendees of Bible studies since starting.

Gene has used PC Study Bible to prepare for Bible studies since 1992. Of the program’s value he says, “It has cut my preparation time by at least 66%." He adds, "Being an analytical person trained in information analysis, I have become very dedicated to scriptural expositional constancy. For me, it takes significant evidence that the understanding of Scripture is true before presenting it. PC Study Bible has proven to be excellent software for confirming the meaning of both Greek and Hebrew Scripture. Its ease of use makes it beneficial for a user at any level to get the most out of Bible study and research.”

The combination of Gene’s use of the Biblesoft products for teaching and his personal study, as well his years of experience in the software industry make Gene an outstanding resource as a Biblesoft Biblesoft Regional Representative in the southern California area.  Gene is looking forward to sharing his love and passion for studying God’s Word with you and your group. To learn more about Biblesoft products, and hosting a free PC Study Bible Technology and Bible Study Workshop at your church, or for your organization, contact Gene at 949-230-4504, or email gdahler.biblesoft@gmail.com.

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