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Five Reasons to Invite a Regional Representative to Your Church

  1. Help evaluate what PCSB library is right for you and your staff.
  2. Partner with your church to help ignite a greater passion for Bible study.
  3. Provide free training seminars to your staff and congregation.
  4. Help set up a site license for your church.
  5. Provide personal assistance with program installation.

Biblesoft Regional Representative

Keith Joyner
Richardson, TX
Phone: 972-699-8790, 
FAX 972-699-8790

Meet Keith Joyner

A native of South Carolina, Keith Joyner has lived in North Texas for 30 years. After a career at a major electronics firm, Biblesoft is pleased to engage Keith’s passion for Bible study and teaching in the role of Biblesoft Regional Representative for North Texas, including Dallas and Ft. Worth. 

As a long-time user of PC Study Bible and Biblesoft add-ons, Keith is a great information resource on getting the most out of your study and teaching time. In describing how he uses the program Keith says,

“I use PC Study Bible for side-by-side comparison of different Bible versions and moving quickly between different passages. With the display flexibility, I am able to examine a number of passages in the time it would otherwise take to look at only a couple. I have found that the word study tools and commentaries provide valuable insights into the meaning of more difficult passages and provide perspective on how individual passages fit into the overarching themes of Scripture. When putting together a lesson, the easy to use copy and paste functions reduce ‘overhead’ time and allow more time for prayer, study and reflection. There is such a richness of tools here that I am always discovering new ways in which PC Study Bible helps my understanding of God’s Word.”

Keith is looking forward to answering your questions about the benefits of computer-aided Bible study, and share this information through a free PC Study Bible Technology and Bible Study Workshop at your church or Bible study group. To learn more hosting a workshop in the North Dallas or Ft. Worth area, please call Keith at 972-699-8790, or email kjoyner.biblesoft@gmail.com.

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