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Five Reasons to Invite a Regional Representative to Your Church

  1. Help evaluate what PCSB library is right for you and your staff.
  2. Partner with your church to help ignite a greater passion for Bible study.
  3. Provide free training seminars to your staff and congregation.
  4. Help set up a site license for your church.
  5. Provide personal assistance with program installation.

Biblesoft Regional Representative

Robert Coss
Rio Rancho, NM
Skype: robcsnm

Meet Robert Coss

Robert Coss is a graduate of The Master’s College with a BA in Bible, and is a Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course graduate. His experience includes serving as a church pastor and teaching Bible Studies. Robert also brings extensive technology experience with Gateway Computers Technical Support and sales experience with Intuit. 

Robert is passionate about the transformation that comes from in-depth study of God’s Word. He’s enthusiastic about teaching the techniques that saves 75 percent of his time preparing lessons with PC Study Bible, compared to when he hand wrote them back in the early 80’s. He also affirms that since obtaining his first copy of PC Study Bible in 1990 his lessons are much more accurate and error free because of the simplicity of going deep with the program. 

Robert’s deep love and knowledge of God’s Word, as well as his extensive technical background make him an excellent Bible study resource for your church or small group. To learn more about Biblesoft products or hosting a free PC Study Bible Technology and Bible Study Workshop in New Mexico contact Robert at 505-349-5679 or rcoss.biblesoft@gmail.com or Skype: robcsnm

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